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Civilizația Talks: 3:e Våningen (ENG)

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3:e Våningen (3rd Floor), Dance Venue, Studio and Art Space in Göteborg  is coming to the fourth edition of Art Safari 2017 in Bucharest, which will take place between May 19 – June 18, 2017 at Kretzulescu Galleries (Calea Victoriei 45). Held under the patronage of Bucharest City Hall and CNR UNESCO, the largest art event in Romania is focusing each year on the development of contemporary art, inviting modern and contemporary art galleries to showcase their artworks.

Inside the former Carnegie refinery in Göteborg, Sweden, 3:e Våningen is a space dedicated to contemporary art and movement, performances and concerts. 3:e Våningen also include a dance studio, a library and a concept store.

3:e Våningen

3:e Våningen, photo: facebook.com

Our trademark is a careful and personal choice of performances, exhibitions and concerts, set in an intimate atmosphere and with a close relation to the audience. A lot of work and a great love for the Arts make this project possible.

3:e Våningen has three creative directors Gun Lund, Lars Persson  and Olof Persson.

Q: For the unitiated public from Romania please explain in a few words the 3:e Våningen dance and venue concept.

A: The Black box meets the White Cube. We have a Dance theater and an exhibition Hall. It´s natural to cross the borders between Performing Art, Visual Art and Electronica. It´s very simple actually if you are open minded an curious. I myself is a Choreographer and a Visual Artist. We are a meeting place for different Art forms, different audiences hang around.

3:e Våningen

3:e Våningen, 3:e Våningen, photo: facebook.com

Q: What should we expect from your show at the Art Safari 2017?

A: We plan to show part of an installation for dance and electroacoustic music. It´s technically advanced and you can expect live action! I will move …

Q: You seem to be on an experimental path which we like a lot about your work. How do get your ideas? Actually, how did you get the ideas for the Art Safari 2017?

A: Everywhere … I work on my artistic ideas for years whether it´s choreography, installations or video works. You know for a place like Art Safari You have to be straight forward, you don´t have many seconds to attract the audience, you have to focus their attention. .. But at the same time I work quite minimalistic so it´s a real challenge!

Q: You’ve made your headquarters into quite a hub and a playground. How many artists and art enthusiasts come to you each year? What do you thing about them? What drives them here?

A: We have a small regular audience for Dance, but the Art people have to be attracted again and again by exciting programming. We made an exhibition called ArtWars together with an English curator. The first weekend we had 20000 people queuing. We have artists sending proposals every week, but we try to keep our own ideas alive. People have to convince us that they can fill the space in a spatial sense, not only hanging paintings on the walls! There are two dance companies working on a permanent base in the studio, we bring international guests to perform and we also have initiated a multidisciplinary studio for electroacoustic experiments with work spaces for all kind of Artists.

3:e Våningen

ARTWARS @ 3:e Våningen

Q: We checked some teasers of your projects online, on Vimeo mostly. We found some of them mysterious and intriguing. Where do you get your inspiration from?

A: That´s part of my subconscious I guess, the last piece was a kind of staging of a dream, but not in a narrative way, more of a physical or psychological state.

Q: How do you promote your projects and how do people respond, from your perspective?

A: Aside from traditional social medias … Spread the word from mouth to mouth … Be consistent, don´t look at trends. Be patient, don´t expect to become famous without effort.
When you get them there – whether it´s 10 or 500 people in the audience – they will love it and it´s worth all the work.

3:e Våningen

Gun Lund, Lars Persson and Olof Persson.


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Civilizația Talks: 3:e Våningen

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